Why Do I Need An Account - Bank On NWLA
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Why Do I Need An Account

By opening a bank account, you can take an important step toward financial security. With a free or low-cost account, you can start to save for the future and establish a credit history that will help you enter the financial mainstream and achieve your financial goals. Other benefits are:

  • It’s convenient.
  • It’s safe. Deposits are insured, so you will never lose your money in the event of disaster or other emergency.
  • It saves you from Check cashing fees because banks and credit unions provide check cashing as a free service for customers with accounts.
  • It’s easier to pay bills. No need to purchase money orders.
  • You can take advantage of other services: direct deposit of paycheck, online banking, online bill pay, and money transfers to family and friends.
  • It allows you to start saving your money in a safe place.
  • It creates a relationship with a financial institution that you can turn to if you need a loan to purchase a home, car, business or pursue educational goals.